This project aims to put local maps detailing potential hazards as well shelter zones in the hands of San Francisco residents. The maps are made with OpenStreetMap and available offline.

Our hopes are that these community-driven, open-source maps can be made for neighborhoods across the city and beyond.


Nicole Martinelli
A San Francisco native who has spent extensive time living in Italy — fault lines run deep in her history. She’s also spent three years as a GIS volunteer at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and written about tactile maps for the California Map Society journal “Calafia.” A member of the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) since 2010, she’s currently co-coordinator for the SOMA neighborhood.  A journalist by trade, more about her here or on LinkedIn.

Stefano Maffulli
An open-source expert with a knack for negotiating large community projects. A hacker at heart, likes to build things and keep contact with nature. First trained as an architect, his thesis focused on using GIS to map historical buildings in Seville, Spain. More about him on his website and on Twitter at @smaffulli

Andrew Middleton
A conservationist at heart and a geographer in mind, he’s spent eight years of his career at all stages of the geospatial data management life cycle in utilities, environmental consulting and big tech. Disaster recovery, ocean science and VR-capable 3D maps that function at the intersection of environmental science and advanced technology are among his greatest cartographic passions. He teaches Introduction to Cartography at City College of San Francisco and is an active member of his local community emergency response team. Check out his portfolio here or more about him on LinkedIn.

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